Steamroll is our first independently developed game. Steamroll is an adventure and puzzle game with a touch of minigolf. It creates a steampunk atmosphere where you will have to solve puzzles by designing and shooting steamballs from your vehicle to create ramps, walls, activate triggers, blow things away, and more. In Steamroll you are a young engineer in his first day of work and take control of the Scarabeus, the greatest new steam-fuelled vehicle invention, while you try to survive in a crumbling mine and look for a way out.

  • Developer


  • Release Date

    February, 2016

  • Platforms

    Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Style

    Puzzle, Adventure, Steampunk

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, Russian, Ukranian

  • Single-player
  • Controls

    Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad

  • Awards

    Finalist – Best Game at 3HMA, Finalist – Best Technology at Gamelab, Finalist – Coolest Game at IDBA

The Scarabeus

Half beetle, half armadillo, this amazing rolling vehicle can transform and deploy itself into certain bases. This allows you to fill the steam tank and, most important, to shoot steamballs.

In its shooting form, the Scarabeus is connected to an underground resources tank. From there, you’ll have to find out the best angle to solve the puzzles this mine proposes. Precision and calculus are needed to push buttons, activate switches and open doors.


These small spheric devices can be shot in several angles and intensity. You’ll have to be careful using them, you’ll have a limited amount of resources in each deployment base. Steamballs can be filled with latest technology inventions, which will deploy after the steamball is shot.

Walls will allow you to create surfaces in which steamballs will bounce.

Explosives might be very useful to get rid of garbage and obstacles.

Placed correctly, a ramp is the best way to reach higher places.

Explore this dark steampunk adventure and meet some weird characters in your great and dangerous escape. Use your skills wisely and remember that patience is a virtue.

Steamroll has been developed with partial funding support from ICEC (Institut Català d’Empreses Culturals) from the Generalitat de Catalunya.