Mutable is our middleware for character customization and general dynamic 3D content for videogames or graphics applications. With it you can create 3D models with any number of variations and then build them in real-time by changing its parameters. Its most common use is integrated in Unreal Engine, but it also has a standalone version.


Mutable gives you full control over what is can be customized and how.

  • Create as many parameters as you want, and connect them to any effect.
  • Image effects include blending, soft light, hard light, burn, dodge, overlay, multiply, etc.
  • Project decals to anywhere in your objects.
  • Mesh effects let you remove hidden meshfragments, add new meshes and morph anything separately.
  • Create an unlimited hierarchy of components to modify your object.


Mutable builds your objects very fast.

  • Use multiple CPU threadsfor concurrent operation.
  • Use the GPU for real-time image effect updates.
  • Generate the in-game data in any format to be used directly by your engine.
  • Support any number of textures that your shaders use.
  • Flexible Level-of-Detailsystem to simplify customization in object far away.

Unreal Engine Integration

Start creating your dynamic content from the first day with our Unreal Engine 4integrated tools

  • The full workflow is inside the Unreal Engine editor.
  • Use meshes and textures you have already imported into your project.
  • Use customizable objects easily with the provideed actor components.


Mutable works in all platforms, from high-end Windows, OSX and Linux PCs both in 32 and 64 bits, to XBox One, to mobile devices using Android or iOS.

Do you need a different platform? Just ask us.

We offer premium support directly from the developers of the system. We can give you advice on how to set up your character customization system, how to integrate it to your game engine, how to create and optimize your assets and we can add new features if you require them.


Bake mesh morphs and texture effects to create the final optimized characters

Combine any number of meshes using a hierarchy with as many levels as you need

Link your character parameters to any texture effect

Mutable integration with Unreal Engine 4 uses a flexible node-based editor  to define your character customization options. It can also split the options in several assets, to easy version control and concurrent work.

Mutable can automatically merge mesh texture layouts at runtime, adjusting the textures and removing unused fragments.

Mutable has a progressively increasing set of special tools for common problems related to character customization, like run-time plane clipping that help combine layers of clothing