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Click bait? Just bragging about deep binary knowledge? The answer will surprise you.

Ok, on a more serious page, in 2019 the little Anticto will become 8 years old. We remain small and independent, and we are very happy about it. For a games industry company it is not easy to survive this long, but it is time to tackle what this company was created for, even if it means risking it all one more time.

We have started to work on a new game, still unannounced. If you are curious, visit and subscribe to the mailing list. We promise to only send a message every couple of months or so at most.

In the history of Anticto, we have worked in several different projects, starting with our own middleware for character creation, Mutable, to our own indie game Steamroll, to several third party projects like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Crackdown 3’s preproduction, Oculus Toybox, and others. We have been very lucky to work with all these people and we still work with some of them nowadays. It took a long time to find the balance between third-party and own projects but we believe we finally found it.

Mutable is doing well, propelled by the massive success of PUBG, and now it is being used by a handful other projects. We decided to work for a small amount of teams closely, rather than trying to reach many and not be able to scale up to meet their requirements. Have you seen any advertisment for Mutable? There aren’t any.

The little Steamroll is still rolling, and it will be released on XBox One this month, and that makes us very happy too. Other consoles may come next if all goes well.

But this is the year we will enjoy being video game developers at the highest possible level: starting a new indie game, with our own techonology, own style, own story and visiting all game events we can afford to pitch, discuss, defend, eat, drink and cellebrate how lucky we are to be here.

If in two years we have crashed and burnt, well, this blog will remain a witness of a dream that could have been true.

We have just completed and made available a new tutorial video. This one is a little bit long (14 minutes) but it shows the entire process to create a customizable 3D helmet to be used in video games using Mutable. It begins with describing the source assets created in ZBrush and Blender, and it finishes with an interactive 3D helmet that players can customize.

We hope you enjoy it!


We have finished a new video explaining the concept behind Anticto’s Mutable in just 2 minutes. Take a look at it and give us your feedback!

With this video we start a series of videos showing how to use our technology in your games. We hope to have the next one ready soon.