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Tools we use: Valgrind

We usually work with C++ at Anticto, like most people doing video games technology. C++ is a great language with more tools and libraries than any other. Ok, i cannot prove that, but you get what I mean. C++ is a systems language with pretty low level access. As such, it won’t stop you from […]

Tools we use: FastBuild

In the first of a series of posts related to the tools we use daily at Anticto, we talk about FastBuild: it’s fast, and it builds. FastBuild (mainly by Franta Fulin) is a great build system that we use to build our tools and in-house technology. Our use case involves supporting C++ in 8 different […]

Anticto becomes 1000 years old

Click bait? Just bragging about deep binary knowledge? The answer will surprise you. Ok, on a more serious page, in 2019 the little Anticto will become 8 years old. We remain small and independent, and we are very happy about it. For a games industry company it is not easy to survive this long, but […]

Two years later…

It has been more than two years since we released our first indie game Steamroll. Seen with perspective it has been a great experience. We should do a proper post-mortem one day, soon. Since then, many things have happened to us as small indie games and technology studio. One of them: we completed some contract […]

Announcing Steamroll

We are very happy to announce that we are developing our first independent video game Steamroll! This is a true indie gma in the sense that it follows our made-up indie-game-rules: it has experimental gameplay elements it is made by a team without influence from a publisher the team fits in a sofa We are […]

Big news coming soon!

Yes, we are still alive! Many things have happened during the last year and we have been very busy working in several projects. Some of them are great projects for our partners, others are small internal projects of which you may hear news soon. We have shifted our company vision towards two different directions: work close […]

Nostalgic good news

Today I came across a video in you tube: from the guys at FreeMMOStation. It gave us a bitter-sweet feeling to find the All Points Bulletin (now known as APB Reloaded) at the top. The project that we worked for in the past, a game that could be great and genre defining, but unfortunately flopped. […]

“The Mandate” on Kickstarter

The Mandate is the kind of game we like at Anticto. It is a mixture of strategy, simulation and role-playing. The Escapist magazine calls it XCom + “Faster Than Light”. Who doesn’t want it? So we decided to make our humble contribution to the project backing it. Take a look at the Kickstarter page. We […]

New Tutorial Video: Making of a helmet

We have just completed and made available a new tutorial video. This one is a little bit long (14 minutes) but it shows the entire process to create a customizable 3D helmet to be used in video games using Mutable. It begins with describing the source assets created in ZBrush and Blender, and it finishes […]

Starting Kickstarter support: Candle

We are players at Anticto, and we love games. Especially those games that start humble, that take risks, that have a soul. We have decided to create a company account at Kickstarter and support projects regularly. The first project we give our humble support is the beautiful Candle from Teku Studios. Take a look at its […]